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Rutherford's Poll Numbers Slip After Sexual Harrassment Allegations

Updated: Wednesday, February 12 2014, 11:07 AM CST
State Treasurer and GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Rutherford has seen
his poll numbers slip since allegations surfaced of sexual harassment
and pressure to do political work on state time.

A Chicago
Tribune poll released today has Rutherford in third place. That's where
he's been in several other polls, but he's dropping further away from

The poll shows GOP gubernatorial frontrunner Bruce Rauner
at 40 percent, Sen. Bill Brady at 20 percent, Rutherford a distant
third at 13 percent, and Sen. Kirk Dillard at 11 percent.

previous polls had Brady and Rutherford within a couple points of each
other. Rutherford has been getting much more press coverage since the
allegations surfaced, but so far, the exposure appears to be hurting his

"People will tell you there's no such thing as bad
publicity. Just spell my name right," UIS political science professor
Kent Redfield said. "Well, that only goes so far. And this is clearly a
case when you've got issues of abusing the public trust, and perhaps
then issues that involve sexual harassment. There's no upside to having
your name associated with those kinds of charges."

Rutherford held a press conference Monday, where he maintained his innocence.

allegations include a claim that Rutherford groped Ed Michaelowski.
Rutherford countered that claim with travel documentation showing the
accuser was elsewhere when that alleged incident occurred.

accuser also released a text where Rutherford suggested Michaelowski
wear a tank top to an event. Rutherford released the entire text
conversation, where Michaelowski was discussing what to wear with
another employee.

Despite being in third place, Rutherford has
continually asserted he is the only candidate who has the financial
resources to take on Bruce Rauner. He also says that is the reason he
thinks Rauner is behind the allegations. The Rauner campaign has
repeatedly stated it has nothing to do with the accusations.

Rutherford's Poll Numbers Slip After Sexual Harrassment Allegations

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