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Last Update on January 27, 2015 08:07 GMT


WASHINGTON (AP) -- It was an accident -- but the invasion of a two-foot-long drone onto the White House grounds is raising new concerns about the president's safety. A hobbyist has come forward to acknowledge he was responsible for the late-night mishap early yesterday when a remote-controlled craft landed on White House property. He says he didn't mean to fly the drone over the Executive Mansion. A Secret Service spokesman says the early indications are that the incident was due to "recreational use" of the drone. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle were overseas when the quadcopter landed; it's unknown if the couple's daughters were home at the White House.


WASHINGTON (AP) -- No Waze! Sheriffs in parts of the country are pushing Google to ditch a feature of its Waze traffic software -- a feature that warns drivers about nearby road situations. The deputies are worried that the mobile app could put officers' lives in danger -- because it lets users in 200 countries alert others to speed traps and the like. There are no known connections between any attack on police and Waze. But some law enforcement people feel the app can be used by a would-be police killer to track down an officer. A spokeswoman for Waze says the company does think seriously about safety and security. Meanwhile, Google has declined to comment.

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