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Check Your Card: Goodwill Reports Possible Data Breach

Updated: Tuesday, July 22 2014, 11:20 PM CDT
Gone to Goodwill the past few months?  Check your debit or credit card statements.

Maryland-based non-profit released a statement Monday, saying it was
working with federal authorities to investigate a possible data breach.
Since the 165 Goodwill's nationwide operate independently, there's no
centralized data bank, so the damage could be limited.

Land of
Lincoln Goodwill vice-president of marketing and communications, Patrick
Anderson,said  this is all about a certain credit card processor used
at some of the locations. The question is, which ones?

Apparently, not the Land of Lincoln Goodwills.

been told by Goodwill International that our particular organization is
not in the mix as of right now in regards to the investigation going
on," Anderson said.

That doesn't mean there hasn't been a local effect.

took to Newschannel 20's Facebook page Tuesday, telling their stories
about banks cancelling debit cards based off a possible breach at

"My bank notified me and told me my debit number was
taken from Goodwill," Christi Murfin Wilson wrote. "I had to cancel my
debit card and wait for a new one. Just like what happened with

"Got a letter from my bank saying they were replacing
my debit card due to a breach in security from a 'local merchant,'"
Melissa Peyton wrote. "Between being Schnucked and Targeted, this will
be my 4th debit card in a year"

Anderson said that may just be banks taking security precautions based on the potential of a breach.

"It's not because any data has specifically been taken, and like I said that has not been confirmed," he said.

Seeing as this would be the most recent in a string of data thefts, some consumers just aren't shocked.

think it is worrisome but it seems to be the norm anymore cause of
Target having and Schnucks having it," said Joanna Loos after a trip to
the Wabash Avenue Goodwill. "So it just seems to me we need better

Bank of Springfield branch manager, Murph Mathiot, said the best protection is the consumer.

biggest thing a consumer can do is to  frequently check their
accounts," he said. "You know, there are so many things you can do with
online banking, with mobile banking, you know? Keep track of your

And consumers sound like they're already preparing for the day their card is cancelled.

isn't the first time it's happened, and it won't be the last," said
Brandon Arachikavitz on his way out of the Chatham Goodwill.Check Your Card: Goodwill Reports Possible Data Breach

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