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Coroner Says Remains Found in Rochester Suggest a Homicide

Updated: Monday, August 18 2014, 03:41 PM CDT
UPDATED: The human remains found in Rochester on July
19 have been positively identified as 43-year-old Tracy Trimby of
Decatur. The investigation is still ongoing.


Rochester is still reeling from the discovery of human remains
in a shed behind a family home. Now, new updates to the case have community
members even more concerned. NewsChannel at Nine learned today investigators
believe the woman was a victim of homicide.

Evidence suggests the body was moved to the neighborhood. Cause
of death is not yet being released, but we do know the Illinois State Police
crime lab is processing a DNA test to identify the body.

The usually quiet Park Street in Rochester has become
crowded in the past few days, since the body was found. Neighbors say curious
onlookers have flooded the dead end street especially after the address of home
where the remains were found was published by an online blogger.

Investigators say there is no exact time frame for when more
information will be available to help solve the case and get the community back
to normal.

"We've taken specimens to the state police crime lab
and they're running specimens so that takes a little while. I'm not sure when
we'll have the reports on that," Sangamon County Coroner Cinda Edwards

Edwards went on to say the crime lab is putting a priority
on processing these specimens.

Meanwhile, Rochester residents are still shaken. Their
normally safe community is feeling less so, especially now that the body is
being considered a victim of homicide.

"It makes you wonder. It makes you wonder at night
what's going on around you and what could happen and about the people you love
around you," Rochester resident Charles Chadwell said.

A lifelong resident, Bill Coffey said this of his reaction,
"I was pretty shocked. It's a pretty quiet town and we usually don't have
a lot going on."

Edwards could not
give us a time of death. She says a lot of factors go into that determination,
such as heat and humidity. Since she says it appears the body was moved to the
shed in Rochester from a different location, it makes the ruling more challenging.

Police in Rochester say a woman living on the property where
the body was found is feeling boxed in from all the attention in her
neighborhood. This woman did not answer the door when ABC NewsChannel 20 requested
an interview.

An ISP Public Information Officer says new details on the
investigation will be released later Wednesday or Thursday.

The victim is believed to be a white female between 20 and
50 years old.

Coroner Says Remains Found in Rochester Suggest a Homicide

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