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Hot Dogs, Heated Arguments

Updated: Tuesday, August 5 2014, 10:39 AM CDT

Some good Samaritans are now getting a bad reputation. Tonight we look at one of this year's biggest hot button issues. Those stuck in cars on sweltering summer days. As Rob Wells shows us, it put one man in a confrontation he never could've imagined.

Police say the 35-year-old man was approached by a woman who spotted his two best friends in the back seat of his SUV.           

He says as the woman approached him in the lot, he tried to explain with no luck.

"She told me that people like me should not own dogs and that I deserve to die."           

The victim says the woman must've heard four-year-old Dasha, and three-year-old Blazer in the back seat.          

He says the dogs were in the car alone for thirty minutes in 70 degree temperatures.          

As he got into his SUV, the man says the woman pounded on his windows.          

That's not all.

"It ended up with her spitting in my face, and getting it in my mouth and all over the side of my car, she spit on me multiple times."            

The dogs owner says Dasha and Blazer had plenty of water.             

And though he says he didn't need to use it that day, his car is equipped with an electronic remote that let's him start the air conditioning to keep his best friends comfortable.

"She didn't take into consideration any of the things that were in effect to keep them safe when she reacted."           

The man says the parking lot assault went on for five minutes.          

He filed a police report against the woman, but decided not to press charges.

"In a sense I gave her a pass, maybe she acted irrational out of passion for the animals."          

Hot Dogs, Heated Arguments

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