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Innocent Man Trapped Inside An Illinois Jail for 32 Hours

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 10:36 AM CDT

ILLINOIS -- Imagine going to jail to visit a loved one but ending up trapped on the inside!

That's what happened to one Illinois man during the fourth of July weekend.

Fox's Craig Wall shows us how he came to be stuck inside and why the man is now suing for the horrible ordeal.

It was inside this visiting room in the cook county jail's maximum security division 9, where the nightmare played out for 51-year-old Farad Polk.

"The mind seem to replay what your heart won't delete, so anytime i get some down time it just keep coming."

Polk had gone to the jail on July 5th to visit his son who was being held on drug charges. After checking in, he was directed down a hall and mistakenly entered the out of service visiting room after seeing the door propped open. It shut and locked behind him.

Polk immediately knew something was wrong.

"Normally they bring the inmates down a little late so i'm waiting sitting there for five minutes i'm like this ain't right, so i turned around to buzz out and there ain't nothing to buzz out on."

Polk kicked and screamed for help to no avail. He remained trapped without food, water or a bathroom for 32 hours until he was able to climb into the drop ceiling and set off the fire sprinklers.

"That's why we filed suit because someone has to be held accountable for what happened."

The jail's executive director promises accountability.

"Certainly anyone that was failing to perform their duties that contributed to this will be disciplined."

Polk says he has visited his son every week for the past year, but was so traumatized he's not sure when he can go back.

"It really just hurt me."

Innocent Man Trapped Inside An Illinois Jail for 32 Hours

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