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ISP To Crackdown On Drunk and Distracted Drivers This Weekend

Updated: Friday, July 4 2014, 07:39 AM CDT

Drive sober, or, get pulled over.
It's a strong message the Illinois State Police and
The Illinois Department of Transportation are sending to motorists before traveling over the weekend.

"What we find is an increase in traffic throughout around these holiday timeframes," Shannon Alderman of the Illinois Department of Transoportations said. "Especially throughout the summer and unfortunately that could mean an increase in alcohol related fatalities"

Over the last five years, 58 people were killed in Illinois over the 4th of July holiday. 50 percent of those involved drivers who were under the influence of alchohol.

"As we look back in history we see an increase in fatalities unfortunately for instance last year, july fouth was on a thursday so that made that holiday period
four days long 18 people died..the average per day is around 3 people so we see that increase and tht's what we're trying to prevent," Alderman said.

So, to boost safety, ISP will focus on what they call the fatal four;
   speeding, seatbelts, distracted driving and driving under the influence.

"Police are out there in extra force throughout the entire weekend this holiday to make sure drivers are driving sober and buckled up," Alderman said.

Trooper Emanuelwel Edwards of ISP says if you're going to celebrate with alcohol, plan ahead and designate a driver.
this ensures people you share the road with stay safe

"It's not ok to drink and drive, it's not ok to drive while destracted because you're putting yourself at risk..with so many motorists traveling being that it's a friday as well
we need to take into consideration what we're doing before we travel," Edwards said.


ISP To Crackdown On Drunk and Distracted Drivers This Weekend

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