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Kincaid Mayor's Trial Delayed

Updated: Thursday, July 31 2014, 11:38 PM CDT
Put on hold that is the outcome for Kincaid mayor Doug Thomas' trial.
It  sparked quite the outburst outside court from board members angry
that the drama seems far from a resolution.

Thomas could lose his office and face time behind bars if he's convicted on any of the charges he faces.

include violating an order of protection, possession of a controlled
substance, and using village employees, and equipment, for his own
personal reasons.

Village board members who were in the courtroom
weren't happy with today's decision to delay Mayor Doug Thomas' trial,
and that anger made its way outside where accusations were shouted on
the front steps.

Mayor Thomas accused board members of the same official misconduct he's charged with.

he's saying something about my boat, I don't even know what he's
talking about," said Dennis Williams, Kincaid Village Board Member.

Williams says he's angry with the mayor because he won't resign and the delay is hurting the village.

he's doing is costing the city more money, and this postponement is
really a shock to me because the papers said they wanted to get rid of
this, get it out of the way because it's damaging the city of Kincaid,"
said Williams.

The delay comes after Thomas' defense attorney
asked for the case to be severed because the crimes he's accused of
committing happened at different times, meaning Thomas would face two
trials if the motion is granted.

"If it's severed the state
would have an absolute right to make the decision on which of the two
causes they wish to go forward on first," said Mark Wykoff, Thomas'
Defense Attorney.

A pre-trial hearing where the severance motion
will be decided is set for August 26th, Thomas' trial is now set to
start September 15thKincaid Mayor's Trial Delayed

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