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More Police At Downtown Festival After Pipe Bomb Incident

Updated: Tuesday, August 5 2014, 10:04 AM CDT
SPRINGFIELD -- Remnants of a pipe bomb found Monday still remain in Downtown Springfield. The device was safely destroyed without any injuries.

Now, less than a week later and just one block away from the scene, thousands are gathering for the Downhome Music Festival.

"I think fear is the last thing we should be worried about. I think we should just embrace it for what it is and come on down and understand the Springfield Police Department and us are taking plenty of precautions to make sure you have a fun safe and friendly weekend in the downtown Springfield area," said Event Promoter, Shane Turnage.

"It's just unfortunate to hear about it, you can't stop the events. The show must go on," said Stephanie Barton.

And that's just what the festival is doing, but with a few added safety measures. Police combed the area with bomb sniffing dogs prior to the event starting, both of Springfield Police Skywatch cameras are watching from every angle and cops are visible from every corner.

"We are seeing a very much increased police presence around the downtown area especially since they found it so yeah I feel okay about it," said Carla Albert.

"There is a lot of good people looking after all of us so you can't let the idiots scare the good people away," Steve Elliott.

That's the sentiment echoed by event organizers who say one bad apple won't scare away the true meaning of this weekend's event.

"We call it Downhome because our food providers, all our bands are local. All the gate money goes to the local bands. It's kind a fundraiser for them," said Turnage.

The festival does continue Saturday. Police and event organizers aren't expecting any problems, in fact this is possibly one of the safest areas to be downtown this weekend.More Police At Downtown Festival After Pipe Bomb Incident

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