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New Grant Accountability Law Following Quinn's Controversial Anti-Violence Program

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 10:51 AM CDT

ILLINOIS -- Governor Pat Quinn's administration releases thousands of emails to lawmakers investigating his troubled anti-violence program.

A senate republican spokeswoman says lawmakers are now reviewing the two-thousand emails.

They're expected to come up in discussion during a hearing in Chicago on Thursday.

A state audit found the now-defunct 'neighborhood recovery initiative, a $55 million program, was poorly managed and misused money.

Lawmakers also subpoenaed 7 former officials in Quinn's administration; 5 of them told lawmakers today they will *not testify -- at request of federal prosecutors.

In light of recent mismanagement of state money, the general assembly passed the 'Grant Accountability and Transparency Act' which is now a state law.

Illinois will be the first state in the nation with a comprehensive set of rules following a state grant through it's lifecycle.

This new law will make the process easier for local agencies applying for grants, but the new system is designed to make sure taxpayer money isn't going to waste.

This new law applies the US uniform rules for federally funded grants to state grants now.

So the process and the paperwork for a state grant will be the same across the board no matter what grant you're applying for.

It also creates a public catalog of grant programs administered by the state that will list objectives and goals of the program along with audits and reports.

Dave Blanchette, spokesperson for Governor Quinn says, "It gives taxpayers a much better idea of where their fund are being spent, much better accountability of how that money's being spent and it ensures that the money going to grantees is being used what it's supposed to be used for."

The law also contains several conflict of interest provisions.

Applicants will have to disclose certain information during pre-qualification like whether the applicant is in good standing with the secretary of state and past performance in administering grants.

New Grant Accountability Law Following Quinn's Controversial Anti-Violence Program

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