Poison Control Centers Providing Heroin Help


The deadly mix people are talking about is a blend of what's called carfentanil, a synthetic drug, and heroin.

Since it doesn't always respond to traditional treatment to reverse an overdose the Cincinnati Poison Control Information Center was now trying to get the word out that there was a place to call for help. Addicts said it was critical until all people who need help can get it.

Jessie Neal who has been sober 4.5 years said, “The addict, no matter what's in the dope, or how bad it is, they are not looking necessarily to get high, being an ex-heroin addicts they are looking to get well.”

Neal said he was delivered from a heroin addiction four and a half years ago by, “It was the combination of the spiritual foundation with people that will help you rebuild your house.”

Jessie and Pastor Billy Price of City on a Hill Church both work to help free others from addiction.

Pastor Price said, “We are losing a generation.”

Recently that got a little tougher for the team. The American Association of Poison Control Centers said calls coming in related to heroin have jumped 20 percent from a year ago. Robert Goetz said with the new dangerous carfentanil heroin mix people don’t understand how potent the stuff can be.

Goetz said, “Heroin users are trying to find something that is equivalent to the first time they ever used. And so some of these people, when they hear about this strong drug on the street, they will come in from the suburbs to get it.”

Goetz said poison control centers were banding together to provide emergency information and treatment advice. And while many health care providers have been using that as an important resource, they want everyone know that many have an important resource right in their own backyard.

People can call 1-800-222-1222 for emergency treatment anywhere in the country. It's a call that may be needed until, as Jessie Neal said, an addict can save their own life.

Jessie and Billy are part of Hope Over Heroin.


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