1st Court Appearance for Man Accused of Shooting, Chase

Dossie Baker made his first court appearance on Thursday. (Sangamon County Sheriff's Office)

The man accused of shooting at officers during a car chase now faces charges that could bring 60 years in prison.

Dossie Baker, 20, is accused of pointing a gun Tuesday at an officer inside his patrol vehicle.

That's before Baker's accused of firing at other officers during a car chase.

Thursday he was charged with several counts involving the shootings and fleeing police.

The steepest charge Dossie baker faces is aggravated discharge of a firearm.

That's a class X felony.

That charge alone can bring 10 to 45 years in prison because baker allegedly shot at officers.

"It is unusual, which is a good thing," said Sangamon County State's Attorney John Milhiser. "In this case, thankfully nobody was hurt. No police officers were hurt. Nobody else, none of the houses in the area, no innocent victims were hurt because of this defendant's actions."

Baker's mother was shocked by the amount of time her son could serve in prison..

"Oh my gosh, it was like he really murdered somebody," said Starr Baker. "Honestly, that's a lot for a person who is mentally ill."

Starr Baker says her son is a good man who needs mental health treatment.

"His personality is really sweet," she said. "Dossie loves everybody. He actually went to school and graduated here in Springfield. He went to barber college."

Milhiser says a psychiatric evaluation will be part of the court's decision.

He says Dossie baker is a danger to society and he's glad the 21-year-old is in jail.

"If he does have a mental illness, he is getting looked at by a doctor and hopefully that can get treated," Milhiser said. "At the same time he remains in custody, which protects the public.

Baker's preliminary hearing is set for June 1.

He's held at the Sangamon County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

The cellphone video you see in this story was submitted by a viewer.

It is now part of this active investigation.

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