2 men found dead inside Danville home

2 men found dead inside Danville home (WCCU)

In Danville, Labor Day ended with a double murder in the 500 block of Harvey Street. Police say this is the seventh murder this year.

"People usually got away to Danville because it was a small town, small city, nice retirement place,” neighbor Anthony Johnson said. “But now it's started turning to big city crime and it's just not built for that, it's crazy."

Police found Rafael Arevalo and Omar Roman shot to death inside a home on Harvey Street after they received reports of shots fired around 7:30 Monday evening.

Police are still investigating. Meanwhile, neighbors say this homicide raises, even more, concern about the growing violence in the area.

"I couldn't have been gone more than an hour or 45 minutes,” Johnson said. “I came back and it was all just chaos, police everywhere. I didn't know really what was really going on and when I found out it was real scary."

Neighbors describe the two victims as quiet and say they never noticed any trouble coming from the home.

Johnson says he will no longer let his grand kids play in the yard or even go to the park on their own. Other neighbors now have similar concerns.

"The neighborhood is full of children riding bicycles up and down the streets,” Danville resident Derrick Butler said. “I have a lot of children on the street and it's a tragedy what happened."

Police were still in and out of the house Tuesday investigating and talking with family members.

Fox Champaign did speak to a roommate of the victims, who didn't want to go on camera, but said the pair didn't deserve this.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Vermilion County Crime Stoppers at (217) 446-TIPS.

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