Champaign Man Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing Stepdaughter

A Champaign man was arrested Friday after a stabbing that sent a woman, his stepdaughter, to the hospital. (WCCU)

A Champaign man was arrested Friday after a stabbing that sent a woman to the hospital.

Neighbors at the 1200 block of North Walnut Street said they heard screaming and yelling Friday afternoon and then found the woman on their porch with multiple stab wounds.

Police say the 33-year-old woman had injuries on her hands and torso and was rushed to Carle hospital, and said the evidence so far shows the incident was a result of an isolated domestic argument that turned violent.

Police arrested James Burgoon for the offense -- who is the victim's stepfather. Burgoon is facing preliminary charges of aggravated domestic battery.

"We did speak with several residents within the neighborhood there about what happened, but right now we don't have any suspects that we're currently looking for we believe this to be an isolated incident to what occurred," lieutenant David Shaffer said.

Police said the woman remains at Carle hospital in critical condition.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is encouraged to call Champaign police at 217-351-4545

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