Champaign Woman Joining Fire Department to Raise Awareness


A Champaign woman is helping raise awareness after losing her son to a fire one year ago.

Joy Sheehan and her family will join the Champaign Fire department next Saturday for a smoke alarm blitz. Together they will go door-to-door visiting southwest neighborhoods in Champaign and will also visit the Cypress Drive neighborhood where a tragic fire claimed the life of two including Sheehan’s son.

“Until people are like hit in the face with fire they're not prepared for it,” Sheehan said. “There's so many things that you could just be aware of that maybe can give you some more time, such as go to bed with your door shut or plan a fire escape.”

The blitz will begin at 8am next Saturday. Volunteers will go door-to-door this Saturday to give out information about the event.

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