Christian County to End Recycling Program

Christian County Solid Waste Management is ending its 20-year recycling program. (WRSP)

Christian County Solid Waste Management is ending its 20-year recycling program.

This program has kept around 9,000 tons out of landfills.

Since 1994, the department put out recycling containers throughout the county.

Once a week, Cleon Spence loads up his car to recycle his old newspapers, magazines and his junk mail and takes all of it to one of these bins.

"It's 50 pounds of paper, but it's probably more," Spence said.

Spence doesn't stop there. He also makes sure his old water bottles don't find its way to the landfill.

"Just two people retired on what they recycle," Spence said. “What about people with children, which obviously is more cans of food and paper and so forth?”

Unfortunately, Spence and anyone else who recycles in Christian County are going to have to find a new way.

Joe Stepping with the county solid waste department says they don't have the budget for it anymore.

"We just simply cannot continue financially to support it anymore," Stepping added.

Stepping says his department can't afford the $64,000 bill to haul this material to Decatur’s recycling plant.

In April, he's giving the communities a chance to continue on, but at their own expense.

"We are going to make the bins available to the community the bins that we currently are using. If they would like to continue the program then in the same manner that has been done up to this point," said Stepping.

Spence says he has another option.

"If your garbage people would provide containers and charge you I’m all for that," said Spence.

He says he wants make sure his grandkid doesn't grow up with a dump in their backyard.

"If I can do a little bit to help than we should recycle," said Spence.

The county is meeting about the issue Wednesday night.

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