Danville Man Shot While Walking To The Store

Danville Man Shot In The Abdomen Walking To The Store (WCCU)

Danville Police are investigating a shooting that left one man in serious condition.

Officials say he ran several blocks away from the shooter before calling 911 and collapsing.

Shortly after receiving the victim's 911 call for help Sunday night, police searched the area but were unable to find a suspect.

Officials say the 21-year-old man was walking with two others when he was shot in the abdomen. This happened in an alleyway just behind 600 South Street.

The victim and his two companions then ran to Main Street and called for help.

Many neighbors Fox Illinois spoke with in the area say Danville's neighborhood violence is rapidly increasing. They say they are scared for their lives.

"Kids used to be kids. They can go around here and enjoy riding bikes out on the streets and this and that," Trevor Lewis said. "Well you got all kinds of people going up and down the streets, now. You know, you can't even do nothing. You always got to watch your kids and watch your neighbors because you don't know who's who in any neighborhood and so, it's just un-safe that way."

One of the victim's companions was also injured, but refused any medical attention. Police say he was grazed by a bullet.

The 21-year-old victim was transported to a local hospital to undergo surgery. Police say he is now in stable, but serious condition.

The suspect is still at large and described as a male with a red cap, white t-shirt, and black pants.

Police say he was believed to be armed with a black revolver.

Anyone with information can contact Danville Police or Crime Stoppers at 446-TIPS.

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