Days After Congressional Shooting, Rep. Rodney Davis Finds Shrapnel In His Bag


Illinois Representative Rodney Davis, R-Illinois, was a witness to Wednesday’s Congressional shooting.

Sunday he recapped the terrifying moment, and said the shooting is still surreal, saying this is the best father's day he's ever had.

Days after Davis found a reminder still in his bag from the game.

"I was cleaning out my baseball bag a couple of days after the shooting,” he said. “After we played our baseball game for charity. And as I pull something out from the area where you store your badge, I saw something drop on the ground. And here it is today, Chris. This is a piece of shrapnel from a madman who came to politically kill innocent people. This is the reminder that all of us have to take a step back in this country, we have to tone down this rhetoric and we've got to come together as a nation, as Americans and say enough is enough."

Davis has spoken all week about his experience and says political differences should never lead to violence.

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