Family Day in South Jacksonville celebrated with parade

Family Day in south Jacksonville celebrated with parade (WRSP)

Hundreds marching in a parade, down the streets of South Jacksonville.

It's all a part of "Family Day", a tradition the city used to hold annually, but just brought back two years ago.

About three 300 were out there today, enjoying the parade, followed by food vendors, and kid zones.

Organizers hope the day promotes a closer community.

"We are very big about family,” said April Doerr, the Family Day Coordinator. “So this event to us, joining with south Jacksonville was great for us to just join with them something for the family come and do and its clean and fun just to hang out and enjoy."

“It's been really important to south Jacksonville to have and continue to have,” said Janie Cook, one of the parade marshal, “And to continue to have this event, it brings people together."

Organizers hope to continue holding this "Family Day" celebration for years to come.

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