FBI search alleged kidnapper's home for clues to Yingying Zhang


FBI agents have been in and out of Brendt Christensen's apartment, 28, Champaign, searching for clues for a missing Chinese scholar.

Christensen was arrested Friday at his home at Stone Gate Village after the FBI say he admitted on an audio recorder to kidnapping Yingying Zhang.

He's accused of kidnapping Zhang from the University of Illinois campus June 9.

Reporters from China Central Television were documenting the FBI as they brought forensics equipment into Christensen's apartment Saturday.

Many parents in China are concerned because the U of I has the highest concentration of Chinese students of any university in the U.S., a reporter with China Central said.

One of Christensen's neighbors says it's been surreal since the kidnapping suspect was arrested.

"I was shocked," said Austin Zidar. "I was like, 'those are my neighbor's vehicles, that's the pool, that's where I live.' I can't believe something like this would happen in my own backyard."

There were several FBI agents removing furniture from Christensen's apartment Saturday.

Christensen is scheduled to be in federal court in Urbana 10 a.m. Monday.

Zhang has not been found.

The FBI says she's presumed dead.

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