Federal prosecutors rip apart Schock's appeal attempts

Federal prosecutors rip apart Schock's appeal attempts

Federal prosecutors ripped apart former Congressman Aaron Schock’s attempts to have his federal corruption case thrown out in several motions filed over the weekend.

Prosecutors say Schock’s team is using previously rejected arguments.

In August, Schock's lawyers claimed prosecutors made false and misleading statements to witnesses concerning Schock's conduct and asked potential witnesses "irrelevant and highly invasive questions" about Schock's sexuality.

According to one of the federal prosecutor’s motions, “out of the approximately 116 witness interview reports during the investigation and since the indictment, only four contain any references to defendant Schock’s sexuality, and those references were initiated by the witness, not by the government. Defendant Schock’s attempts to attribute misconduct on the part of the government based on an issue that he himself admits pre-dated the grand jury investigation is simply meritless.”

Federal prosecutors also say recordings of conversations with Schock are not inappropriate. Schock’s attorneys say the violate Schock’s right to privacy.

Schock was indicted last November for wire and mail fraud, filing a false tax return, making false statements, and several other charges

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