Flu spreads like wildfire in schools

According to the CDC, the peak time for the flu is between Fall and Winter. (WRSP)

With kids back in school, flu season is right around the corner.

According to the CDC, the peak time for the flu is between Fall and Winter.

While doctors said it's impossible to predict how bad this season could be, local schools are prepared.

Teachers at Waverly Elementary said flu season is always a battle.

Each year it overtakes these halls at the school, as germs quickly spread.

"If one person at a table gets sick, it's like little dominoes, the rest of them start to fall," explained Crystal Haas, a 5th-grade teacher at Waverly Elementary.

Teachers said the number of children with the flu varies every year and some years are worse than others.

This means teachers are always on the lookout.

"If we start seeing kids get really sick we'll wipe off the desks with disinfectant wipes, we'll have them wash their hands more frequently," said Kara Strode, a 6th-grade teacher at Waverly Elementary.

Local doctors said the flu is unpredictable, but peaks between fall and winter.

They said it can be deadly, so it's vital people get the flu vaccination.

"While some people only have illness for a week or two, you can get serious illness and end up in the hospital and even die from the influenza virus," said Dr. Erin Blackburn, with HSHS medical group.

Medical experts said many people think they'll get the flu from the flu shot, but said people actually can't catch the flu from the vaccine.

That's because it's not a live culture.

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