Former Urbana Police Sergeant searches for bone marrow donor

Former Urbana Police Sergeant searches for bone marrow donor (WCCU)

Those who know Mike Miller say he lives his life for others.

“As a retired police officer, he gave a lot to the Champaign-Urbana community,” close friend and band manager Todd Lindsey said.

Lindsey said Miller also gives a lot to the community through his music. Miller is the lead singer of The Boat Drunks.

You might not be able to tell from the crowd, but Miller is facing his toughest battle yet. Earlier this year, he was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer and the only cure is a bone marrow transplant.

“He’s been performing now for several months and if you didn’t know he was sick, then you wouldn’t even know,” Lindsey said. “He sings great and is a fun guy to watch on stage.”

But behind the scenes, Miller is desperate for a miracle.

“Getting this donation is a life or death scenario,” Miller’s friend Amy Jessup said.

Miller’s family and friends are now turning to the community for support.

“It’s our annual Independence Day show, and this year we are making it a fundraiser for our lead singer,” Lindsey said.

Those coordinating the event hope this year’s fundraiser show will do more than just help cover Miller’s medical bills.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to find a bone marrow donor for him to get that transplant,” Lindsey said.

The Boat Drunks fundraiser show starring Mike Miller is planned for Monday, July 3 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm at The City Center in Champaign.

The organizers of the event have partnered with DKMS, the nonprofit leading the fight against blood cancer, to help find Miller’s match. DKMS will be doing quick and painless swab tests at the event for those interested in registering as a potential donor.

For more information on DKMS, and to register or fund the mission, visit

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