Gov. Rauner Takes AFSCME Fight To Supreme Court

Gov. Rauner Takes AFSCME Fight To Supreme Court

Governor Bruce Rauner is taking his fight with AFSCME straight to the Supreme Court.

The administration has appealed the court decision that prevents the implementation of their last best and final offer to supreme court.

This comes after the state's labor board ruled that both parties were at impasse in contract negotiations.

A judge halted the implementation of the governor's contract until the union's appeal was heard.

Now the question over whether or not the governor can impose his contract could be up to the state supreme court.

AFSCME responded with a written statement:

Instead of wasting more time and money in the courts, Governor Rauner should simply do his job and negotiate with our union. State workers are willing to do their part, but Bruce Rauner is so blinded by his anti-union animosity that he refuses to compromise.
Contrary to the misleading statements from the governor’s office, no other union has accepted Rauner’s extreme demands that would hike health costs by 100%, freeze wages for four years and remove safeguards against irresponsible privatization schemes.
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