Infant Boy Pepper Sprayed at White Oaks Mall, Mother Says

Infant Boy Pepper Sprayed at White Oaks Mall, Mother Says

An infant boy was reportedly pepper sprayed in an attack at a Springfield mall, police said.

A mother, her fiance and their 5-month-old son Kelby were at the White Oaks Mall May 25 when they say shoplifters pepper sprayed and beat them.

Kelby's mom says he's OK.

Police are looking for two women.

They're accused of theft, aggravated battery, unlawful use for a weapon and endangering a child.

Baby Kelby's mom says they were trying to help a store manager deal with two shoplifters, when the accused thieves attacked them.

The mother says her fiance was sprayed and beaten.

That's when she says one of the women sprayed and beat her, while baby Kelby sat helplessly by.

"He didn't deserve to get pepper sprayed," she said. "He didn't deserve any of it. He didn't deserve to see me get hit right next to him and beat on. He was right next to me and i can only imagine how terrified he was."

The child's mother was beaten and hit in the face leaving her bruised and swollen.

She says a direct hit of pepper spray could have been devastating to her five-month old.

Thankfully Kelby is now full of smiles.

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