Jefferson Middle Schoolers enjoy the solar eclipse

Jefferson Middle Schoolers enjoy the solar eclipse (WCCU)

Students at Jefferson Middle School have been learning about the solar eclipse since class started last week.

"The moon orbits around earth and the earth orbits around the sun,” seventh grader Caitlyn Nelson said. “And when the moon covers the sun it makes a shadow, so it gets really dark in the middle of the day.”

Nelson learned this from her science teacher Ms. Jennifer White.

"School started on Wednesday, so we haven't had a whole lot of time,” White said. “So if those eclipses could schedule themselves better, that would be helpful." "But for an August 21st eclipse, it's just been a real quick dive into the basics. We work with them to make sure they know the position of the sun, earth and moon and how the light is lining up to create the shadows."

While some hit the road to get an up-close view from Carbondale, Ms. White was successful in getting these kids excited about viewing the eclipse from Champaign.

"It was actually really cool,” Nelson said. “I thought it was going to be boring, but it wasn't that boring."

Each student was given a pair of solar eclipse glasses to keep and were outside watching for about a half hour.

The next solar eclipse is expected to be in about seven years, Ms. White asked students in her class to picture where they’ll be in seven years and where they’d like to watch the solar eclipse from next.

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