Las Vegas massacre fresh in minds of Luke Bryan concertgoers

Las Vegas massacre fresh in minds of Luke Bryan concertgoers (WRSP)

Thousands of country music fans kicked off the weekend at the Luke Bryan concert on Friday.

Safety was a big concern, especially in light of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. The massacre in Las Vegas was still fresh in a lot of people's minds as they attend the concert.

There was heightened security for the event, and every single person was screened with wand detectors before going into the infield for the concert. There was a heavy police presence with the Illinois State Police as well as the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office.

A lot of concertgoers said they were happy to see the extra security, and that while they do have some fear in the back of their minds, they were not going to let that stop them from having fun. "You know, I am scared a little bit - everybody is," said Nokomis resident Terra Bierman. "They have it still in their heart from everything that has happened, but it can happen anywhere. It can happen at the hospital I work at, it can happen at the Walmart, it can happen anywhere so you might as well go out, do your thing."

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