The Little Gym Of Champaign Looking For A New Owner

"The Little Gym of Champaign" in Urbana is looking for a new owner.

More than 300 kids in the area come to the Little Gym every week to participate in dance, gymnastics, sports and karate.

The owner, Lindsey Yeakel, said it's a positive and fun place for everyone in the community, and over the last eight years, she's seen more and more families come visit.

Yeakel said in order to stay focused on her own growing family, she now needs to let the Little Gym go.

"This place has been… I'm getting emotional... meant so much to me,” she said. "It has been so fantastic getting to know the kids and the families. I've seen kids take their first steps here. It's been in my family for so long that it's going to be really hard to step away."

Yeakel posted the listing a week ago.

She said at least five potential buyers have already contacted her.

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