Man Lands Behind Bars for Attempting to Rob Two Businesses

Man Lands Behind Bars for Attempting to Rob Two Businesses

A man is in custody after attempting to rob two Springfield stores and attacking a customer Thursday night.

24-year-old Dakota Smith walked into the Freedom Oil here on Dirksen Parkway last night pretending to have a gun in his pocket and demanding money, but the store clerk called his bluff.

When Smith failed to produce a gun the clerk grabbed a baseball bat and ran him out of the store.

Smith attempted another robbery at Murphy Oil on North Dirksen, again pretending to have a gun, but the clerk there also refused to give him money.

Police say a customer asked smith if the robbery was a joke, when Smith hit him in the throat and ran away.

Police say they do not recommend challenging a potentially armed robber.

"The store clerk in this case believed he was bluffing and he was correct. The reason we don't recommend that type of activity is we don't want it to turn into something worse than it is," said Deputy Chief Dennis Aronld.

Police say they caught Smith after an officer found him driving erratically once they pulled Smith over, the officer found he matched the description of the robber.

Smith now faces two counts of aggravated robbery and one count of aggravated battery.

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