Natural gas leak contaminates drinking water in Mahomet

An attorney at Spiros Law said about 5 homeowners alerted the firm about the issue. (WCCU)

A natural gas leak has contaminated drinking water for some people living in Mahomet. An attorney at Spiros Law, Matthew Duco said about 5 homeowners alerted the firm about the issue. The law firm claims Peoples Gas is responsible for the gas leak that happened last December.

"It hasn’t been fixed and so then [our clients] were looking for outside help and we're glad that they did because we're finding out a lot of information that was withheld from Peoples Gas to these people,” attorney at Spiros Law, Matthew Duco said.

At least five wells have been contaminated by the leak causing some residents to rely on bottled water.

“We installed about 4 different gas water separators where the homeowners agreed -- a fifth homeowner did not think a gas separator was appropriate,” spokesperson for Peoples Gas, Brian Manthey said. “At this time and we're providing bottled waters to homeowners who has requested it."

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources issued a notice of violation to Peoples Gas last December.

On Monday, October 16th the law firm will host a town hall to further discuss the issue. It will take place at the Newcomb Township Hall in Mahomet at 6pm.

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