New law aims to give violent crimes victims a voice

New law aims to give violent crimes victims a voice (WICS)

During Monday’s press conference, Denise Rotheimer announced a she's working to pass a new law.

The law would give victims of violent crimes legal representation to enforce their rights.

Two women spoke with Rotheimer on Monday telling their stories.

One mother in Massac County says her family continues to be harassed by the people who beat her 15-year-old son.

Even though she's taking the steps to protect her family, the law is not being fully enforced.

"Everyone asks me if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and if any violations have been broke, and they have multiple times, and I need someone to take it serious," said Massac County resident Valerie. "My son is a child."

Right now, Rotheimer heads Mothers on a Mission to Stop Violence.

She says she gets multiple calls a day from victims or families of victims who are seeking fair treatment.

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