One High School Student Steps Into The Governor's Shoes

High School students pretend to be lawmakers for a day. (WRSP)

More than 1,000 high school students from around Illinois were at the capitol Saturday afternoon.

It's all for the 68th Annual YMCA's Youth and Government Program.

We're told unions and right to work were the major topics of discussion.

Each year, the students elect one of their own to serve as governor.

A senior from Naperville was chosen this year.

He says he's humbled students chose him to sign bills into law.

"It's just been an extreme honor that I could get so many people to believe in my vision in youth and government and bringing together regardless of our difference across the state and bringing us together," Archit Dhar said.

The young governor says he'll be attending the University of Pennsylvania next year.

He plans to major in both mechanical engineering and business.

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