People React to McDonald's Crash Arrest

People React to McDonald's Crash Arrest

Police arrested Antonia Andrews, 30, Friday at her home. She's accused of crashing a minivan through a glass wall of the McDonald's at 6th and South Grand in Springfield Saturday, May 6.

The video shows her narrowly missing customers. Andrews reportedly approached the counter and apologized before fleeing the scene.

She could be charged with multiple crimes including felony criminal damage to property exceeding $10,000 and reckless driving.

We caught up with a number of people across the street who are glad Andrews was arrested.

This woman has her own theory about why Andrews crashed into the McDonald's.

"She's crazy," said Rhiannon Kahl, Springfield resident. "I don't know what she was thinking. She must have been on something, but I feel like she might have just drove through there because she was mad. The ice cream machine was probably down."

The McDonald's at 6th and South Grand has been significantly repaired.

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