Police Talking to Drivers with Same Make and Model as Yingying's Alleged Kidnapper

Police and the FBI are continuing to look for missing UI scholar Yingying Zhang and her alleged kidnapper. (WCCU)

Missing Illinois scholar Yingying Zhang has not been seen or heard from in a week. Police and the FBI are continuing to look for the 26-year-old and her alleged kidnapper.

Students and community members have gathered at Turner Hall on campus since the scholar went missing distributing posters of the scholar and are asking for everyone to actively search for her.

"At the beginning, we gather the volunteers and spread them out based on a map of the town," Vice President of the Chinese Student Scholars Association Robin Huang said.

The Chinese Students Scholars Association said they meet at the Turner Hall every day to discuss the day's plan to find Zhang.

They divide volunteers into groups and from there they search different neighborhoods in town.

"We set up different accounts, Facebook pages, Twitter pages," Huang said. "We chat in China and we try to spread the message both online and offline."

Zhang was last seen getting into a black Saturn Astra 4-door hatchback last Friday and police believe the alleged kidnapper may still be driving it. Police say it's the car everyone needs to continue looking out for.

"The car is not a common model," Huang said. "So basically there is not much of this car in the U.S. so people can really look out for it to decrease the possibility of this car or driver hiding."

Police said they have used vehicle records to identify a list of people who drive the same make and model car and are in the process of speaking to those drivers. The FBI has posted digital billboards throughout Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana.

Police said he best way anyone can help is to keep their eyes open for Zhang and the car and to follow the investigation updates.

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