President Trump's Budget Proposal Could Hurt Thousands of Struggling Families


The Department of Health and Human Services is facing major cuts.

President Donald Trump's budget proposal is looking at trimming 18% from that department.

This would affect thousands of families in Sangamon County.

Low income home energy assistance program is one of the many programs facing the axe.

President Donald Trump proposal alerted a lot of organizations across the country.

“It's very important because without it I would be probably cut off from it right now or within the next week,” said LIHEAP recipient Heather Whitmore

Whitmore is a single mother working to make sure her kids have heat.

“I got bills here that are $742 and I don't know how I am going to come up with that,” she added.

Sangamon County Community Resources Executive Director Sharmin Doering says two thirds of their overall budget relies on federal dollars.

“So, by cutting these programs it would really jeopardize the health and safety of money families who seem to be making it now, but without this extra they would certainly suffer,” said Doering.

Doering says she plans on reaching out to congress on what this reduction of spending would do to the community.

She says these cuts would create a domino effect.

“Probably a need for more shelters,” she added.

A situation Whitmore doesn't want to happen.

The mom of two says she wants her family to eventually move into a house.

She says LIHEAP is helping her get to that goal.

“They are the one who are helping me get my past balances paid down, so I can move forward in life,” she added.

So, if this cut is made, Whitmore along with 5,000 other families are in jeopardy of not receiving aid.

“It wouldn't help me finically like I need. You know that's the problem, that's why you guys are here to help people who are struggling who are trying to make ends meet and can’t,” said Whitmore.

Sangamon County Community Resources spends just under $4 million on helping struggling families and more than $600,000 goes to salaries.

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