Protesters "drop dead" in rally against AHCA

Many protesters calling on Governor Bruce Rauner and local lawmaker to work on keeping the ACA. (WRSP)

The healthcare debate will go on, after Republicans in the Senate failed to get the votes needed to repeal Obamacare on Tuesday.

Springfield area residents took to the streest in response to the ongoing healthcare debate, but it wasn't your typical protest. It's happening all around the nation, and it's being called a "die-in" rally as protesters take action against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

In Springfield on Tuesday, about two dozen people pretended to "drop dead" with tombstones above their heads reading statements like, "RIP...died from pre-existing conditions." Protesters say the "die-in" isn't metaphorical, and that many of them are between life and death when it comes to healthcare.

Members of the group say they're worried that if the ACA is repealed, they'll lose health insurance and have to pay much more for healthcare.

Springfield resident Keith Tuxhorn has an auto-immune disease, and he said, "I worry every am I going to pay at the end of the month...? Even right now, my health bill is a big concern in my budget. I don't want it to be an even bigger concern."

Many protesters calling on Governor Bruce Rauner and local lawmaker to work on keeping the ACA.

Republican Congressman Rodney Davis has voiced his support for the American Health Care Act (AHCA), saying, "After four years of watching premiums more than double, deductibles skyrocket, choices dwindle for my constituents under Obamacare, I am proud to be part of a responsible health care solution to lower costs and increase options for individuals and families."

Davis says the AHCA will protect a lot of the things his constituents are worried about, but critics say it's simply unrealistic and that dropping the ACA would cost a lot of lives.

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