Report shows education funding agreement may send millions of dollars to private schools

Report shows education funding agreement may send millions of dollars to private schools (WRSP)

The four top state leaders have tentatively reached an agreement on education spending reform.

A new report is shedding light on how that money could be divided.

According to the online report by POLITICO, the funding reform agreement could include tens of millions of dollars to possibly support private schools.

It's something not everyone agrees with.

Illinois will soon have "$75 million in scholarship money to benefit private schools," if negations go through, POLITICO reports.

Using public dollars for private schools is a point of contention for many educators.

Darren Root is the superintendent of Auburn schools.

Root says it's wrong for tax payers to have foot the bill for private schools.

"Anything that shifts tax money from public to private will ultimately erode public education," Root said.

Root says there's no evidence that private schools outperform public schools.

He says schools should not be operated like a business.

"This is based on a business model," Root said. "It doesn't necessarily equate to education. In the public school sector, that actually magnifies the problem they're trying to solve and that's funding public education and that's what they need to focus on."

We found a former educator who supports private schools.

"As a former educator, if I were to work at a private school or in the charter section, I probably would have had a little bit more freedom with my curriculum with what I wanted to do, and how I taught my students, than what I might have in the public sector, because there's a lot more rules and a lot more red tape and a lot more politics involved in public schools," said Ashley Schafer.

Top leaders are meeting Sunday to discuss school funding reform.

The house is scheduled to meet Monday.

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