Senator Dick Durbin Responds To President Trump’s Thoughts On Cuba


This week President Trump also made clear his thoughts on Cuba.

The president said he's canceling the last administration's deal with Cuba - calling it completely one sided.

He said he wants to tighten restrictions on U.S. travel and commercial ties.

But U.S Senator Dick Durbin, D-Chicago, said although Mr. Trump's change doesn’t seem major; It's wrong.

"We tried for fifty years to change Cuba with isolation, it didn't work," Sen. Durbin said. "Now what President Obama said is that if we make them open their doors so the Cuban people can see what democracy looks like; that's the way to change Cuba. Now it appears that President Trump wants to start closing those doors again, that's a mistake."

As of now diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba remain open.

There are no further restrictions on Cuban rum or cigars.

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