Should High Schoolers, Middle Schoolers Have Access To Condoms?

Giving high school and middle school students access to condoms is the question posed in a recent survey tweeted out by the Champaign-Urbana Public Health Department.

It's an interest survey for students, to see what they think about the availability of condoms and sexual health information in area schools.

It starts by asking their age and school, and goes into which schools these resources should be provided.

Unit 4 parents had mixed reactions.

"I think the survey is a good conversation,” a father of a student at Central High School, Preston Thompson, said. “I think as far as the high schools, the information should be in the high schools. The information should also be in the middle schools; however, I think the distribution of condoms should only be in the high schools."

"I think the solution of having babies, or disease, is abstinence,” local mother Chizuru Quigley said.

Abstinence was mentioned several more times with other parents as well.

You can see the survey for yourself at

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