Social Service Provider Wants More Specifics from Gov. Rauner

Some in the social service community say they're concerned about the lack of details about funding social services in the governor in his State of the State Address.

Polly Poskin is the executive director of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Poskin said she is encouraged by some of the pushes by Gov. Rauner, such as improving the economy and emphasizing better schools.

She said a stronger economy and school system trickles down to help many social service agencies that help students and work with school districts around the state.

However, she said Wednesday's budget address didn't dive into the challenges some social service agencies are facing without a budget. Rape crisis centers around the state for example have cut nearly 30 jobs and have reduced prevention outreach to schools.

“I did not hear a human services plan or any direction to maybe how we can develop human services so it's compatible with helping Illinois grow. And I'm concerned about that because I think we can grow the economy and expand education but human services provide a lot of support,” she said.

Gov. Rauner did talk about in his speech that the more money saved by the State of Illinois can help fund these social service agencies.

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