State Senator Announces Run for Governor in 2018

State Senator Daniel Biss announced he's running for Illinois governor in 2018. (WRSP)

Senator Daniel Biss officially announced his run for governor Monday on a Facebook.

The Democrat says he wants to fight the political machine and wealth that has taken over the political system in Illinois.

Biss is a former math professor turned lawmaker.

Biss led a super PAC in the last election that targeted Governor Rauner and other Republicans linking them to Donald Trump.

Biss says he decided to run because government is failing the people of this state.

"But let's be clear, people across this state are also hurting because of thirty years of broken politics," Sen. Daniel Biss, a Democrat running for Governor, said. β€œIn Illinois, billionaires and machine politicians have a monopoly on political power. They fight with each other, they help each other out, and mostly they make decisions about us without us in the room. We have a broken political system and if we continue to do things the way we've always done them we're going to get the same results, but it doesn't have to be that way.”

The Rauner campaign announced a fundraising campaign Monday with the Governor pledging to match donations dollar for dollar.

The Illinois Republican Party responded to the announcement and released a statement that says, in part:

"Daniel Biss is a willing Mike Madigan accomplice who would give the governor's office back to the Chicago machine."

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