Stopping the Cycle of Addiction with Prevention Education

Opioid addiction is a vicious cycle; it’s a cycle first responders and medical experts say can’t be stopped without key components.

That includes youth outreach and comprehensive prevention education.

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Medical experts said kids and teens’ brains are not able to process the consequences of drug use, especially if they are taking a prescribed medication.

Experts said we need to give students the education to understand what could happen, but as with many things, funding gets in the way.

“There are not enough resources available, to any social services really, to provide the kind of comprehensive education that needs to happen in middle school even,” Erin Klein, an addiction counselor with The Prairie Center, said. “And I know some people kind of cringe at talking about drugs, but the reality is that's when that use starts.”

Addiction specialists said there are a few things that could help end the cycle of addiction. Those include giving children a safe place to talk about drug use and teaching them about the side effects of both legal and illegal drugs.

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