Students Remembering Mahomet-Seymour High School Junior After Fatal Car Crash

WCCU - The16-year-old junior was killed after a series of crashes Wednesday evening on route 36 in Douglass County that involved 13 vehicles.

Students at Mahomet-Seymour High School paid tribute Thursday to one of their own after losing Jacob Hamilton in a car crash. The 16-year-old junior was killed after a series of crashes Wednesday evening on route 36 in Douglas County that involved 13 vehicles.

The bulldogs played against Bloomington High School in a baseball game that was dedicated to Hamilton. Students said Hamilton was one of the high school's star soccer players as the goalkeeper. They said he was a role model to many.

“Everybody who knew him just thought great things about him,” Hamilton’s best friend, Trevor Burgess, said. “We've grown up together, played soccer together and he was one of my best friends.”

Police said high winds and dust clouds made visibility on the roads low. They said Hamilton entered a dust cloud and hit the back of a semi. He was rushed to Carle Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Burgess said he was on his way to a club soccer game – a sport he loved.

“He was our goalkeeper and it's going to be rough not having him out there,” Burgess said. “So many people loved him and Jacob loved everybody.”

The high school’s baseball team had a moment of silence before playing Bloomington High School.

“He was like that person that everyone knew,” student at the high school, Makayla Rosenbry said. “He was just very positive and very encouraging and he would be at soccer games because he played and he would be at football games…he was like at everything and was very supportive."

Hugs and tears were shared throughout the game as parents and students remembered one of their own.

“I’m going to miss his energy because he just always radiated good energy and his positive attitude was contagious,” Burgess said.

Hamilton's brother Bradley is a starter on the high school's baseball team. Every time he went up to bat during Thursday’s game, the crowd cheered and chanted his name showing their full support.

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