Student creates GoFundMe page to keep his school open amid education budget crisis

Student creates GoFundMe page in to keep his school open amid education budget crisis (WCCU)

Georgetown Ridge Farm District sent out a letter to parents, saying the district only has enough money left to keep the school open 51 days.

After that, if there isn't a school funding bill approved, the district will close its schools.

One student doesn't want to see that happen, so he's taken matters into his own hands.

Jared Vandervanter created a GoFundMe page for the district.

"We haven't really been allocated a lot of money,” Vandervanter said. “The state owes us $300,000, so it's a lot of money."

The school's letter confirms that.

Vandevanter's mom says if the school closes, she'd be force to home school because she doesn't want to move.

"I hope they pass the budget,” parent Miranda Parsons said. “Jared only has two years left. I have my baby, she's in eighth grade, I'd really like to finish school where she started."

Jared has set a $200 thousand goal-- big number, but he says it's also about raising awareness of Illinois’ education funding crisis, not just for his school, but for others, too.

"The education I've received is pretty good. Like I said, we're a smaller school, so a lot of kids get a lot of attention, but I feel like in bigger schools they should get a lot more attention."

Jared's mom says he came up with this plan all on his own.

"He's a very intelligent, bright boy and it makes me proud of him because he's very interested in his education. Always has been."

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