Veterans take off for first honor flight of the year

Many veterans who served in different wars attended the Land of Lincoln Honor Flight. The first honor flight of the year.

Eighty veterans and their guardians boarded a flight to Washington D.C. Tuesday morning.

"It's going to be great for all the veterans," veteran Tom Eimer said.

On Tuesday’s flight there were three World War II veterans, 31 Korean War veterans and 46 veterans who served in the Vietnam War.

All those veterans were headed to see the Veterans Memorial, some for the very first time.

"You get a chance to see some names I recognize for some people I work with and this brings back a lot of memories," Veteran Dr. Glenn Walton said.

A round trip completely free to honor them for their bravery and their service.

"Oh, it's great,” Land of Lincoln Honor Flight coordinator Steve Wheeler said. “If people understand what these veterans have done for this country and how positively affected everyone’s lives here. It's an honor to come here and do this.”

"I think it's a very emotional experience just to give back to the veterans and to help the veterans," guardian Stella Dean said.

All veterans will be staying for the day and then they'll be heading back later Tuesday night.

The next flight is scheduled for May 15.

"Very interesting day and these people are amazing that put this on, absolutely amazing," Eimer said.

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