What's next for Senate Bill 1?

What's next for Senate Bill 1? (File Photo)

The state has yet to pay General State Aid to schools across Illinois.

That funding was due Aug. 10.

Before the state can dole out the money, lawmakers must first pass a new funding formula.

One piece of legislation that could release the state funding is Senate Bill 1.

When the bill was sent to the governor, he rewrote part of it with an amendatory veto.

The Senate overrode his veto Sunday.

The House is scheduled to be in Wednesday to try and override the veto as well.

It's not clear if they have the votes to do that right now.

Under Illinois law, once a vetoed or amendatory vetoed bill arrives in a legislative chamber, they have 15 days to take action. Senate Bill 1 officially arrived in the House Monday.

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