Suspect Arrested in Murder of College Student Studying Abroad

A suspect has been arrested in connection to the murder of a college student studying abroad. (CNN)


Italian Police announced they've arrested a homeless person in the death of an American college student whose body was found in a river Monday.

19-year-old Beau Solomon arrived in Rome Thursday and disappeared just hours later.

He was studying abroad as part of a program with the University of Wisconsin.

His friends search for hours before finally contacting police.

"They went back to his apartment to look for him, when they didn't find him his roommate went back trying to find him all night, when he didn't show up for orientation in the morning they reported him as a missing person," Jake Solomon, Beau's brother, said.

Monday morning, three days after he went missing, police found Solomon's body in the Tiber River.

Local media reports he he was was found with a head wound, bloodied shirt and his wallet and cell phone were missing.

His family says that thousands of dollars have been charged on his credit card in the days he was gone.

Italian police say the man arrested has been identified as an Italian homeless person, but we still don't know what led to his arrest.

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