St. Joseph-Ogden upgrades their facilities with students in mind

St. Joseph-Ogden upgrades their facilities with students in mind (WICS)

Science and art are always changing, and it's important for schools to stay up to date with new equipment in order to give students the best opportunity to learn.

The biology and chemistry rooms at St. Joseph-Ogden installed major upgrades to their workstations and lab material. The new classroom equipment at SJO replaces the 50-year-old rooms.

In addition to new safety equipment and a storage room, the tables and workstations are movable and will be used for various lab experiments.

“This is a collegiate facility,” said principal of St. Joseph-Ogden High School, Gary Page. “That is really exciting because it's not necessarily one thing we can do, but as our ability to adapt to adapt as science changes now we have a state of the art facility."

It isn't just the science rooms getting upgrades, the auditorium got new flooring as well. SJO takes pride into evenly distributing money and resources to different departments so their students can take full advantage in their studies or athletics.

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