Saturday Night Rivals: Milford Excited For The Future


After 82 years, the Milford Bearcats finally expect to be in a newbuilding by next fall.

The processto get the new building started last year and it's moving faster than expected.

However,before this new plan was underway, they needed some help from local residents.

Milford HighSchool was built in 1912 and with its last new addition being constructed 32years ago, a change needed to be made.

Milford SuperintendentDale Hastings said with the recent state budget impasse affecting school budgetgrants, they needed to turn in a new direction.

"So wewere on our own, and so we had to be able to figure out a way in order to dothis,” Hastings explained.

They hadtwo options; renovate the old building or build a new one.

With all theproblems the current facility holds, Hastings said it would be more affordable tostart from scratch.

Afterpresenting their idea to the public, 61 percent were on board.

"Tohave 61 percent of the folks say, ‘sure, we agree with you, we need to do that,’is quite amazing,” said Hastings.

Theresidents of Milford agreed to pay taxes over time, which will go towards thisproject.

After theagreement, construction was underway.

Teachers inthe high school say it's a game changer for them and the students.

"It'sjust going to make a great learning environment for our students forgenerations to come. So it's a huge upgrade from what we have right now and asteachers… staff we're very excited and I know the students are very excited aswell,” said Greg Dewerff, teacher, Milford High School.

"It'sjust been a wonderful project and it's transforming what's happening. It's goingto be transforming… anytime you make a structure change or infrastructureupgrade of this significance, there's always going to be some type of achange,” Hastings explained.

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