Saturday Night Rivals: St. Joseph Ogden Talks Politics In The Classroom


St. Joseph Ogden High School is spending time in the classroom learning the true meaning of the 2016 election and what it means moving forward. The hope is to get these young voters more engaged.

"I think that they understand that this is a process and that their part in this process is real,” said Marshall Shacht, a civics teacher at St. Joseph Ogden High School.

Shacht has been teaching at the high school for 24 years. He uses various websites and polling numbers to try and do what a lot of people in this country have had trouble with -- getting this election to make sense.

"We always talk about the election process, but now it’s certainly the relevance is up and the interest is up, and everyone is aware of what’s happening,” said Shacht.

Shacht engages with his class by discussing which state may vote for a specific president and why the candidate’s numbers rise during certain periods.

They even look back on past elections and work to understand how the country changes over time.

"It allows you to be more informed and um teaches you to do your research before making a decision that can change the future of America,” said James Leichey, a senior student in Mr. Shacht’s class.

Leichey is interested in going into politics one day.

He says this class can help students understand their role in this election is important, and that it all starts with being educated about it first.

"I think in an election year that is as crucial as this one, it shows your voters, especially seniors who are just turning 18 who are eligible to vote, that their vote is just as important as experienced voters who’ve been voting for decades,” Leichey said.

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